by Here Lies a Warning

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released July 15, 2012

Produced by Nick Scholey
Mixed and Mastered by Justin Hill

Photography by David Mccourt (
William Smith, Kyle Smith, Nick Scholey, Justin Hill, David Mccourt,
Every person who has ever came to a show, bought merch or gave us a floor to sleep on. Without any of these people, this band wouldn't be possible. Your continued support means the world to us.

Leo, Anth, Kaz, Dave and Rob x



all rights reserved


Here Lies a Warning Fife, UK

5 piece metal/hardcore outfit from fife.

Leonardus Segerius - Vocals
Anth Coles - Guitar
Kaz Smith - Guitar
Dave McCulloch - Bass
James Wilson - Drums

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Track Name: The Escapist
I have nothing left here I'm unwilling to abandon
Hoping I experience something real
I won't allow myself to be derailed by what this life will throw at me.
I must stay focused to realise what potential I have.

I'll be part of a bigger world
This barren land has drained them of promise
I'll be part of a bigger world

Who's to say this is our fate, that this where our bodies will lay
I might never reach great heights but this is honest, this is passion.

I'll walk forever.

This town in nothing more than old and weathered faces
With lost and dying eyes, dealt bitter empty lives.
Our bones will never rest here, our hearts won't lie inside these grounds.
This will not be where I fall.
There must be so much more than old and weathered faces.

And I won't stop
I'll walk forever 'til I reach white shores on the other side.
Track Name: Martyrs
You fall in the name of your faith,
Praying for the words that will make you greater.
Fall just to save your face,
Give up in the hope it will make you braver.

Do what you love, bare all of the hardships,
Do whatever it takes to protect it.
Without exception. Without exception.
You are no different you are nobody special,
Embrace the fire and let it build to strive on and excel
Without exception. Without exception.

You air your struggle like a martyr for your world

We can't be greater
We can't be great without our hearts.

But I refuse to let you die,
You want atonement by default but I refuse to let you die.
I can't accept that things won't change and I refuse to let it die.
Atonement by default
But I refuse to let you fucking die.

Will the reward for the hollow pride you've shown outweigh the shame of the martyr you've become?

And I refuse to believe the horrors we face now are any greater that what has ever been.

Our world is overrun with martyrs.
Afraid to die for the values they have held

All hell is overrun and crawling with these martyrs
Claiming pride in the fall of someone else

They couldn't take it back
Track Name: Cold, Alone and Broken
We are part of a world that brought this upon ourselves

We're cold, alone and broken.
Estranged from our emotions
There is no comfort in knowing the loss of such love and perfecting
While at war with all my vices, my soul, my head, my choices
While those around me full of hate and disgust, denounce my purpose...

We are part of a world that brought this upon ourselves

Forever waking up to stumble through the greyest of days,
Working harder for a bleak tomorrow,
Leading a life of regret, dissolution and waste.
A generation abandoned with a lack of consequence, are set to tear this world apart, and we couldn't give a fuck.

We are part of a world that brought this upon ourselves

I will never give up.

We couldn't give a fuck.
Track Name: Shields
Are you willng to stand, and face the person you've become, to see the whites around your eyes.
This fortress built on shallow ground,
Will keep you safe until the end.

Your guards, their shields are slowly coming down, they're getting weaker.
'cause everytime i find something new, I fall back, poisened by the serpent in you, and all the feelings i have had.

We are all knowing, but we have nothing to say
When we let our fears and regrets get the best of us.

We'll lock the doors, and keep the world from getting in.
Lets go.
But after all the hollow words they've said
We will become our failures, we have no one else to blame, we're getting weaker all the time.
The world won't get in, in the end.

When the walls collapse on you, no one will mourn.
These Walls all around us, will collapse on you.
Track Name: This Fire Never Dies
I knew this story wasn't going to end the way that both of us had ever pictured, but I felt something real and so i remain thankful, never bitter.

But you don't know, I just hope we don't live in regret.

Talk of intention and of sacrifice mean nothing here given your lack of passion, all I ask is the truth, nothing more than simple honesty, some conviction.

You're no more than a coward to give up, walk away, I gave no more, when the fire started to fade. Nothing is out of your hands, its not too late for second chances. You have to strive to make this vision real, you have to show me that this fire isn't going to die.

I wanted to think we'd find solace in simple things, in absolution. Nothing is out of your hands.
There's still hope for absolution, and I can only say for what its worth, i will never speak another word of lost pictures and promises, but there will never be a day goes by that your face doesn't cross my mind. I wanted to think we'd find solace in simple things, that we were victims of circumstance.